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Paperboard Package for food (Food Contact)
    Paperboard trays in all shapes and sizes to suit individual requirements.

- Frozen & Microwavable & Oven Box

    Treated paperboard packages suitable for fresh or dried foods or ready meal ,can be frozen or microwave or oven heating ,can be pre-erected and with sealed lidding or hinged cover.

- Paper Tray

    Paperboard trays for set menu with partition in 2-4 compartments with cover or sealed lidding.

- Hermetic Pouch

    Spice & Curry paste hermetic pouches with multi-layer laminated substrate moisure-proof storage.

- Fancy Box

    Innovative and fancy shaped paperboard packages for frozen products and microwave heating, sealed lidding offer freshness and long shelf life storage... nice and easy to eat.


Paperboard Package
(Non Food Contact)

Label & Wrapping

Composite Can & Paper Tube
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